1. Buy a cigar

Come to the store, go through the humidor and buy a good cigar - something you like and know that others will enjoy too! Or just ask me what kind of cigars I like.

2. Give me the cigar

Find me in the store and hand over the cigar!

3. Ask your question

Ask me any question you might have about dating and relationships - or anything else that comes to mind.

4. Get the answer

I will give you the best advice humanly possible. So far I helped literally thousands of men and women with their dating and relationship problems all over the world!

5. Live happily ever after

Put the advice you just received into action immediately and see your dating success improve significantly - or just have a better relationship with your partner!

...but before you go home, stay a while and smoke a cigar with me and the other good people you will find in the store!